8 Tumblr Style WordPress Micro blogging Themes

If you’re interested in starting a blog, but not in the traditional sense, then you are in for a treat. I have compiled a list of the top 15 Tumblr style Micro-blogging WordPress themes that you can use for all your blogging needs.

Microblogging vs regular blogging

Microblogging differs from blogging in the traditional sense because with a regular blog, a person tends to post more content and blog posts tend to be longer. With a microblog, you will post less content and the length of the blog posts tends to be significantly smaller.


1. Memo

Memo is a really clean and minimal tumblog style WordPress theme with a wonderful design. So if you are looking to start a Tumblr style type of micro-blog, then the Memo theme is right up your alley. It is also very user friendly and allows you to add galleries, images, pictures, quotes and links as well as standard blog-style posts.

memo tumblog wordpress themeGet more information on the Tumblog theme



2. Elemin

Elemin has a beautiful typography and an excellent white space balance with minimal graphics. If you are a minimalist or enjoy having a clean and minimal look to your website, then the Elemin WordPress theme will provide you with that and more. It also comes loaded with Google font, HTML5, CSS3 Javascript and it is also fully responsive so it can be viewed on mobile devices such as the iPhone, Android, iPad and Blackberry.

elemin wordpress themeGet more information on the Elemin theme



3. Lightbright

The Lightbright Tumblr style WordPress theme is perfect for the micro-blogger and for those who wants to share moments of their daily life. You will be able to add pictures, videos, quotes, audio and other links in order to transform your blog into a lively peace of social media in a matter  of minutes. The theme itself has four different color selections. So if turquoise is not your style, you can change it to green, purple or black as you choose.


elegant light bright wordpress theme

Get more information on the LightBright theme



4. Wumblr

The Wumblr theme is a clean WordPress theme that comes with a fully responsive and mobile friendly layout that displays very well on both desktop and mobile devices such as the Android, iPhone, Blackberry etc. It also has 9 different post formats such as 15 color presets to help you further customize the look and feel of each post. This theme is also very SEO friendly when it comes to search engine rankings.

wumblr wordpress themeGet more information on the Wumblr theme



5. Photographia

If you’re a photographer looking for a WordPress photoblogging theme, the Photographia theme can help you to highlight and showcase your beautiful photos in a simple yet effective way.

photographia wordpress photoblog theme

Get more information on the Photographia theme



6. Hartee

Also from CSSinginter themes, the Hartee theme is a beautiful Tumblr style WordPress theme that comes with five unique color schemes so you will be able to set each post to have a different color background if you choose.

hartee wordpress theme

 Get more information on the Hartee theme



7. RoughPrint

Rough Print is another tumblog style WordPress theme but this particular one does not come with a mainstream design. It works right ”out of the box” and is easy to edit and customize. The theme comes with a separate icons folder and includes PSD files.

roughprint tumblog style wordpress theme

Get more information on the RoughPrint theme



8. Casual

Casual is a free WordPress tumblr style theme fro Obox Design with a large selection of color options as well as a  personal and user friendly layout. You can also submit blog posts using the Express iPhone app while on the go!

casual wordpress themeGet more information on the Casual theme


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