4 Best Free WordPress Author Box Plugins for Your Blog

If you are somebody who is thinking about starting a multi – author blog or if you already own such a blog, then you already know how important it is to keep the posts on your website well organized.There are many WordPress author box plugins available today but I’m choosing to share the top 4 best rated author box plugins I find work best from personal experience .

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The Top 4 WordPress Author Box Plugins


1. Custom About Author


custom author box for wordpressThis plugin is very similar to the Social Author Bio plugin and the only difference is it has 4 social profile buttons and rounded corners! You can try it here!


2. Better Author Bio

wordpress author bio pluginThis is one of the best WordPress author box plugins there is and comes highly recommended. You can use it the way it is and it doesn’t need you to have any coding experience. Simple, clean and neat it allows you to showcase the number of articles an author has written. It contains author social profile links, author blog links and is super easy to install and configure.


3. Social Author Bio

social author plugin

Like others this plugin will automatically add an author box with social icons and a Gravatar with each post. If you are looking for a social profile link heavy plugin, this is the one. You can add up to 15+ social profiles and best of all its stylish and easy to use!

fancier author box plugin
Give your author box more of an identity with the Fancier Author Box Plugin. This plugin enables you to showcase your latest posts ( allowing you to easily hide/show them), add links to your posts etc.


The paid version of the Fancier Author Box will allow you to get more features such as Facebook, Twitter, Google + and Tabs. Read more about it here.



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