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There’s a confession I have been itching to make, I have an abnormal obsession for travel blogs and I think its due to the fact that I do not travel as much or as often as I wish I could and barely leave the country! If I could start traveling, I would definitely consider starting a travel blog. Not only is it a super cool way to log all your travels, but its also a great way to network with other travel bloggers as well as make and meet new friends as you journey all around the country or the world.  I recently stumbled upon a seriously good looking WordPress travel blog theme that made me want to take off on a year-long jaunt around the world just so I can get a chance to blog about it and look good doing so (I know its sounds so vain, but I’m not not sorry) with a theme that would bring up feelings of envy to anybody who saw my wanderlust adventures.

Without further delay, I present you one of my own personal favorite WordPress themes for travel and adventured themed blogs and websites.


1. Journey


journey wordpress theme


The main design for the Journey WordPress theme focuses mainly on travel. Its the perfect design for the travel blogger or for any company or person who wants to start a travel magazine, this theme can also be used by travelagents/agencies to showcase the most desirable top destinations of the world.


If I were to use this theme for a travel blog, I would more than likely use it in blog mode and not the way it is as a magazine, the main reason being for a website to look really good in the magazine layout, it needs to have a ton of content. – Plus I think turning this theme into more of a blog would make it more personable and approachable for the regular individual traveler / travelers.


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