Blog Ideas: Top 10 Interesting Types of Blogs You Can Start

While doing some research on the types of blog services, I stumbled across some interesting kinds of blogs. Some of the blogs I clicked on, I stayed for a while, 10 minutes even, I was able to grab a cup of green tea and sip  as I scrolled through the content.  Other blogs were oh soooo dull  that I think my head dipped down…I nodded off to sleep and… snored away ( I mean how interesting can a topic about the social life of a fruit fly get! ), whereas other blog topics were so controversial and some motivational that my mind was able to switch from both shock and empathy within the span of seconds.

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Ok, you’re probably thinking, ‘just get to the point already’ – sheesh hold onto your horses…if you have any because I’m getting to the point. The main point I’m making is that blogs are an outlet as well as a stimulator for most people who choose to blog. Unlike some of the publishing resources out there, blogs are really available to anyone and everyone. So no matter how unique, uncommon or trivial the topic of any blog is, it can be shared. So to kick off this point I’d like to introduce the top 10 types of blogs you can start.


1. Informative Blogs: This particular blog takes lots of time and research in order to succeed. Information blog topics can center around current events, history, techniques, hobbies or procedures.

2. Creative Rants: Rants are everywhere and people are frustrated so they post their frustrations online and perhaps it acts as a form of therapy… I don’t know. Some bloggers have created highly successful rant blogs that are not only informative, but funny and entertaining.

3. Company Weblogs: Companies are starting to open their eyes to the fact that they will succeed better if they appear more ‘approachable’ and ‘human’ to their customers. Some companies such as Zappos and Forever21 are doing a great job at educating customers about their products by providing a blog to enable interaction between themselves and their customers.

4. Personal Accounts: Very often regular people want to participate in the current events circuit. Some people want their voices and opinions to be heard. You can start a blog chronicling your own views and opinions when it comes to the news and other current ground breaking events in the world or locally.

5. Pioneering Ideas: Many bloggers start their blogs with the intention to promote an original idea and before they know it, they are creating buzz through the discussion of alternative and innovative methods

6. Niche Notching: Most blogs are free and easy to start, not to mention readily available, so regardless of whatever topic you want to write about, you will find your niche, no matter how small or how big that niche is. So if you want to discuss the circumference of Iceland, I’m sure there’s a niche for that!

7. Family Blogs:Staying in touch with your loved ones due to schedule conflicts is an unfortunate part of life, but it doesn’t have to be. Some people start blogs just to communicate between families, this includes sharing family photos, news, planning family gathering etc.

8. Creative Writing: Publishing a book can take years and finding a legitimate publisher comes with lots of challenges. Some writers have decided to skip the traditional book publishing route and are instead just starting a blog and getting their work out there to the world hassle free. I was able to find many well-written and thoughtful posts generated by talented writers online.

9. Travel Blogs: I find travel blogs very interesting, there’s nothing more inviting than travel accounts. Some bloggers out there chronicle their vacations, while others travel for work, humanitarian effort or research, all which make for very interesting photos and stories. Makes me want to catch the travel bug more often!

10. DIY Blogs: These are blogs started with the main goal of educating people on how to do this and that, the DIY blog works on a tutorial and a ‘watch-and-learn/ read and learn ‘ type of method.  Best if you’re starting a software blog, makeup blog, arts and crafts blog etc.

A blog is an avenue of self expression that is open to everybody. If you want to be successful as a blogger, don’t try to emulate or copy someone else. Be authentic and you’ll succeed, become a copy cat and you’ll sink. If you start a blog, it can be used to inform, incite, inspire, you can use your blog to document the details of your life, or chronicle the issues of the entire human race, the choice is entirely yours.

If you are interested in starting your own blog, see my post on WordPress vs Blogger  Already have a blog but not a theme, have a look at the top 20 popular WordPress themes you’re sure to find a theme to start your blog off on the right foot.

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