Create a Professional Nail Spa Website Affordably With The Rejuvenate WordPress Theme

If you are a spa owner and you want to create a professional looking website for your nail spa or other pampering business, you definitely want a website that not only looks professional but one that looks luxurious and of the highest quality (much like the services and products you sell at your spa). With the right WordPress theme, your website can look like a million dollars, except without the actual price tag. The Rejuvenate WordPress Theme from Templatic offer just that, its a premium theme designed and tailored for businesses such as spas, studios and other service based businesses.

rejuvenate beauty wordpress theme

Check out the Rejuvenate Theme at


Below are some of the impressive features of this theme:


Fully customizable front page

You are free to customize and design the homepage of your theme. You can add pictures of your products and services, add some content via the admin back panel.


Custom Control Panel

This particular theme is very user friendly, you can literally change the look and feel of the theme without having to know complicated coding and HTML.



Localization Support

Translate this theme and all its contents into your native language via the theme’s advanced control panel.


Auto-resize thumbnails

Any thumbnails you upload will be automatically re-sized so you do  not need to create separate thumbnail images each and every time.


As a business owner, its critical to have an online presence, – after all in this digital age, whenever your customers are searching for a particular service or product and you don’t have a functioning website or don’t have any website to speak of, it’s as if you’re a ghost and they might go make an appointment with your competitor instead of you, which means fewer customers and less money in your pockets! Hence why first impressions are important and a web presence is a must.

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