6 Best Free Stock Photo Websites Online

Did you know that when you add an image to your blog post it usually gets more views and people are more likely to take the time to read whatever it is that you have taken the time to write. Adding an image to your blog posts also makes your content more interesting and easily shareable across most social media platforms such as Facebook, Pinterest, Reddit, Google+ etc.

It’s not hard to see why blog posts that contain images tend to attract higher views. It’s important to keep in mind that you need to give credit where credit is due whenever you add an image or graphic to any of your blog posts . Taking any image from the internet and sticking it on your website can land you in hot water with the person the image belongs to and is highly likely to come with a copyright infringement. So stay away from copyrighted images because there are tons of free and awesome images available online these days that infringing on someone else’s images just seems plain silly.

If you have been struggling to find the above mentioned images to no avail, I have compiled a list of the top 6 websites where you can search for and find free stock photos for your website or blog.



1. Photo PIN

photo pin website


Photo PIN is an awesome free image website if you want top-quality, beautiful and elegant free pictures for your blog posts or personal use. Each and every image on this website is under the protection of the creative commons licensing – this means that you can not use the images for commercial and educational use and if you do end up using any of the pictures on your blog, you absolutely need to link back to the original source.



2. Comp Fight



Comp Fight is a search tool for Flickr images under the Creative Commons License. The images found on this website can be used on your blog posts and the great thing about this website is how relevant the searches are and how easy it is to find images based on the topic of your choice. Give Comp Fight a try [ here ]



3. Freedigitalphoto.net

free digital photos
Yet another noteworthy free image website community, Free Digital Photo contains all free images and you can use it for your business, personal blog/website or for educational purposes. The only con to this site is their images are on the smaller size, however, that being said if you need to use the larger images you will more than likely have to sign up for a premium account. Check them out [ here ]



4. Stock.XCHNG

free stock photos


This amazing website is probably one of the largest free stock photo websites online if you are looking for free images. With over 400,000 free images you are bound to find one to suit the content on your website. Find images on any topic ranging from technology, people, arts, blogging etc. Since Getty Image owns this website, you can be sure that the image search function and quality will improve overtime. Feel free to give them a go [ here ]



5. Free Photos Bank

free photo bank

This is an excellent website to get free pictures for your blog or website. The thing I love about this website is it shows you the most popular and downloaded images and you do not need to register for the website in order to download the images. The versatility that comes with using the images you find here is endless and you can use the pictures for any project. Check out Free Photo Bank [ here ]



6. Unprofound




There are are tons of FREE images for you to make us of with Unprofound this is one of the best websites to find free images due to the fact that the images come with little to no restriction and you can use the images in whatever way you want i.e personal, educational or commercial purposes. Giver Unprofound a try [ here].


To conclude, all the above mentioned free stock photo websites offer excellent options when it comes to finding free images online and best of all, they can help to protect you from copyright infringement, cease and desists and any other forms of extreme wrath that can result from stealing other people’s images online. Just follow the instructions on every website and if you need to credit the author or original source, please do so to avoid any issues.

Did I forget your favorite free image website? Please let me know by leaving a comment below

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