Free WordPress eCommerce Plugins for Your Website

As more people continue to join the realm of online shopping, many more have gained confidence when it comes to shopping on the internet. As a result, eCommerce companies and eCommerce in general have exploded in numbers in the recent years. We have big names representing this expansion as in the case of eBay, Amazon, Zappos etc. but we have also seen a rise in many medium to small-sized businesses that have started using the internet as a new medium to sell their products. As the eCommerce market has expanded, the demand for eCommerce tools has increased as well. Given the fact that many of the eCommerce websites are powered by WordPress, it is of no surprise that many of these websites also require the use of WordPress plugins made to specifically accommodate  the process of selling online.

wordpress ecommerce plugins

Check Out some of the Best Free WordPress Plugins for Your eCommerce Website:

1. Cart66 Lite

wordpress ecommerce plugins

Cart66 Lite is an eCommerce plugin for WordPress which is very light but powerful. It allows selling both digital and physical products. It can handle multiple currency options, allowing you to control the international sale. It also has a good system for placing ads on your pages thus allowing you to make money through affiliate marketing as well.

2. eShop

eshop wordpress plugin

This WordPress plugin features simple controls and various methods to list products. Adding and customizing products is easy with eShop. It has a simple interface that makes it easier for the visitors to navigate through the site and purchase what they want. It can integrate multiple payment gateways, purchase statistics, shipping options (separated particularly by weight), etc.

3. JigoShop

jigoshop wordpress plugin


JigoShop is another free ecommerce plugin available with WordPress which provides essential features for building a good e-commerce site. This plugin comes with a variety of features that are very useful in operating an ecommerce venture. It can be used to group products and add attributes like sizes: S, M, and L for clothes etc. With this plugin, you can help your visitors to refine their searches according to their needs.

4. WP E-commerce

wp ecommerce plugin

With over 1.5 million downloads WP e-Commerce plugin is possibly the most widely used e-commerce plugin available with WordPress. It is easy to install and virtually compatible with almost any WordPress theme (although its appearance is not integrated properly in most of them). It offers multiple payment gateways and is quite customizable in appearance.

5. WooCommerce

woocommerce plugin

WooCommerce is another very useful and free ecommerce plugin for WordPress. It offers many features like various statistics and integration of payment gateways like PayPal (including credit / debit cards), check, or COD etc. It is an open source plugin which allows developers / independent designers to create specific themes and also offers a wide range of features that can be customized to your needs.

6. Quick Shop


Quick Shop adds a sidebar that displays the shopping cart along the pages. It is integrated with paypal and email and has an easy to use shopping cart for users and also easy to manage and add / remove products.

7. YAK Shopping Cart

yak ecommerce plugin

YAK Shopping Cart is a plugin which associates the product with an ID thus helping you in creating product codes. It allows a good classification of products and based on which you can adjust the shopping cart. It also offers several payment gateways with multiple payment options.

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