Are You Thinking of Starting a Fashion Blog?

Yes I said it, a fashion blog can be a business! Starting and running a successful fashion blog takes a LOT of hard work. How do I know this? Because as a person who owns more that one online business, I’m familiar with the effort required to start and maintain a successful online blog/website! You still have to build up traffic, share useful information, market your blog, build up your search engine rankings and establish a loyal following in order to eventually make any significant amount of money from your blog. It is no different if you choose to  start your own fashion blog !

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One of the most popular online activities you can do online is blogging. A blog is a type of online journal to which you can choose to write about the topics that interest you. If you’re starting a fashion blog, creativity as well as establishing your very own unique voice is ESSENTIAL. Keep in mind there are millions of fashion blogs out there, the question is: What will differentiate you from all the other existing fashion blogs as well as the new ones that get started each and every day?


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Key points to remember when you start a fashion blog:


Be Yourself

Do NOT be afraid to be yourself when you start a fashion blog. In the fashion industry especially, one can not afford to be generic. You will need to be the unique and ORIGINAL, the ‘one and only you’ so to speak in order to survive and succeed. Its a great thing to have fashion bloggers that you follow, admire and look up to,- however, remember not to lose your voice by trying to be exactly like the most popular fashion blogger you see. Be yourself and the rest will follow.


Invest in a great camera

Low quality, grainy photos simply will not work. Your fashion blog’s success depends on the quality of pictures you take. Gone are the days where DSLR cameras would cost you an arm and a leg, nowadays, you can get a very high quality DSLR camera that would enable you to take, clear, crisp and professional looking pictures. One such camera, is the Canon EOX Rebel T3i Camera which is available on Amazon for an affordable price. Why invest in a camera? Because you will need to take lots of pictures!

Pictures allow anyone who visits your website to take a visual journey with you. As a matter of fact, the more pictures you have on your blog, the higher the chances that people will not only want to visit and come back to your website, but are more likely to share your photos on photo sharing sites such as Pinterest, as a result, you might see some increase in your blog traffic and more subscribers. Its essential that you invest in a high quality camera


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Find Your Niche

In this step, you will need to be decided about the type of fashion blog you want to start. Do you want to talk about everything under the fashion sun, or do you want to discuss a very specific topic such as the hottest shoes, handbags etc…Here is where you decide what type of audience you want to attract to your website. Choose a topic that gives you an edge over other fashion blogs and start brainstorming some domain names


Get a Domain name and Sign up for services

Its time to also decide if you want a self-hosted blog or a regular default WordPress or Blogger type of blog.  There are also other blog service providers you can sign up with these include Blogspot, TypePad, LiveJournal, OpenDiary etc. After you decide how to setup your blog ( free or self-hosted), you can sign up for blogging service with your chosen domain name for your blog. If you’re starting a self hosted blog via WordPress, take a look at this quick WordPress QuickInstall guide , and get ready to start blogging in just five easy steps!


Customize the Look

After you’ve set up your blog you can make it your own through customization and other modifications. A great place to start is by choosing a stylish WordPress theme or other blog themes and template to use in order to change up your website design and look. Remember appearances matter and anybody who visits your blog is more likely to stay longer and also very likely to subscribe or bookmark your site…but only if your website is attractive and well organized. You have the option to change your blog color, font and design thorough plugins and the installation of a theme or a template. Other features that you can add include RSS feeds, comment fields, spam filters etc


Post Information

Now comes the fun part and the important part when you start a fashion blog. Content. You will need to structure your content to include both photos and text, don’t just say ‘Today I am wearing a blue top by BCBG and trousers from Zara’ and then leave out the photos of you wearing whatever it is you say you are wearing. The fashion community is very big on visuals and the more pictures you have, the better and more engaged your website visitors are going to be. Remember to focus and stay on topic. the key to getting more traffic and interested readers to your blog is to provide useful content, tips and information on a regular basis.


Add some Advertisements

In my opinion, putting up advertisements should be the very last thing you do. It’s really best to wait until you have some traffic and search engine rankings to your blog before you start placing ads on your site. The reason I say this is because putting up ads can turn people off if they are placed too soon and hence waiting until l you have a decent amount of web traffic to your website is key.


Private Ad Sales:

As your search engine rankings increase, so will the number of visitors to your blog and with an increase in traffic to your fashion blog, you can start attracting companies and individuals to advertise on your site via text links, sponsored reviews or banner advertisements. Depending on your web traffic, you can make a pretty penny or just enough to buy a pair of shoes or put towards your savings each month.

Some successful full-time fashion bloggers have even landed lucrative partnership deals with big companies such as COACH, BCBG, Endless, Town Shoes, Aldo and the list goes on. Persistence is key, don’t expect to land a partnership deal with COACH within your first few posts, but keep in mind the possibilities are endless if you’re passionate about your blog, are hard working and persistent.


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Google Adsense: Another option beside offering private advertisement slots on your website, is to sign up for a Google Adsense account. This is an ad service offered by Google on a pay-per-click or per impression basis and once you’re approved for an account you can place text and image ads on your website and you make money when anybody visiting your site clicks on a text or image.

Don’t try to play foul with Google by clicking on your own ads. Its not worth the few pennies or dollars you might make, and you will be banned INDEFINITELY and as a result you will lose your Adsense account (which is something that Google NEVER gives back to you again once you’ve been banned). Being banned by Google will negatively limit your earning opportunities in the future, especially if you get more traffic to your blog later on.

That is how you start a fashion blog and also earn money from it. It’s simple and straightforward. I hope that this article was able to help you in answering some of the questions you may have had about starting your very own fashion blog, keep  in mind that success is possible as long as you have a solid goal , a vision and the willingness to be disciplined in doing the work required.

Your blog can be another way go get you into the fashion industry ( can act as a great resume), it can help you to supplement your income and depending on what your goals are, your blog can one day become another way to make a full-time income from home, no more 9-5 cubicle dwelling or hour long commutes required!


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