The Best Keyword Research Software Better Than Market Samurai

If you are in search of the best keyword research software chances are you probably want to save yourself hours of keyword research and you are a person who values your time and would rather start seeing results such as finding low competition keywords an increase in your web traffic and conversions instead of spending time doing tons of research for keywords, perhaps it’s time for you to give Long Tail Pro (LTP) software a chance. I have used various paid software for my keyword research over the years. The three main tools I have used include: Google Adwords tool, Market Samurai and Micro Niche Finder…That is until I found the LPT software, I found myself wasting tons of time using inefficient keyword software that cost too much money, was not user friendly and offered mediocre results at best.


long tail pro keyword toolWhile in the LTP interface, I was able to search for keywords related to rose gold watches and as you can see the LTP keyword tool allows you to apply filters while searching for keywords (in this case I chose keywords with a search traffic of 700-2000 searches/month since any keywords with less than 700 searches each month is too low if you are looking for a profitable niche)


I bought the Long Tail Pro software about 6 months ago in the summertime and to my amazement and shock its super efficient and incredibly fast when compared to the Micro Niche Finder, Market Samurai and Google Adwords Tool! If you are in search of a high quality, fast, accurate and efficient keyword research tool, look no further than the very best keyword research software there is.

Market Samurai feels clunky and super slow and time consuming when compared to the LTP software. The LTP software is very user friendly and need I mention really user friendly!


Reasons Why I love the Longtail Pro

  • I love the fact that LTP checks for domain name availability
  • LTP helps to research even vague keywords and still turns up results
  • The filter function is great and it enables you to set the minimum and maximum global/local search
  • Filter the min and max CPC keywords
  • Another bonus is the competitor analysis which helps to give very great information for the top 10 websites for the keywords you are analyzing.
  • The very best thing I LOVE about LTP is that you can research multiple keywords all at the same time ( talk about a time saver!)
  • It’s simply the best keyword research software !


Long Tail Pro has 3 main functions:

  1. Keyword Research
  2. Keyword Competition Analysis
  3. Rank Checker


Works on both Mac and PC computers!


The LTP software has an interface that is very simple and also very easy to use. You will be able to enter and search for multiple keywords all at once ( its best to enter a maximum of 5 or lower for better search results)  and what’s even more impressive is the speed at which the software pulls all the keywords from the Google keyword Tool. The GREAT news is that and even with the new Google Keyword Planner, the Long Tail Pro tools  still works better than ever!

long tail pro keyword tool


You can also filter your keywords according to ‘broad’ ‘exact’ or ‘phrase’ match as well as the number of monthly local and global search and the average CPC all with ease and simplicity. Another awesome part about LTP is its ability to show you the availability of any .com, .net or .org domain name and any exact match through the generated keywords. If you are a person who builds niche websites, then the Long Tail Pro will save you tons of time and effort when compared to other similar software.

The LTP Keyword Competition Analysis feature will show you all the relevant factors such as the keyword meta title, description, number of back links, actual page, age of website, page rank etc. This feature allows you to gauge how easily your website ranks or will rank on the first page of search engines for specific keywords. The Rank Checker feature will assist you to see your position in search Engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing with just one click of the mouse. This is yet again another MAJOR time saver!


Long Tail Pro is A good keyword research tool for:

-> Domain names

-> Niche websites

-> Article topics

-> eCommerce websites/products

-> Article marketing

-> YouTube videos


How does Long Tail Pro compare to Market Samurai?

long tail pro vs market samurai

Compared to marked samurai it’s ten times faster. What you can do with Market Samurai, you can basically accomplish in 10-15 minutes with the Longtail Pro software.


If I had to choose from the any other paid and free keyword research software, I will always choose LTP over and over again.- Until the moment I found the LTP keyword research software, I used to LOATH keyword research ( even in its simplest form) why?  Because doing keyword research with Market Samurai and Micro Niche Finder used to take up too much of my time. With Google having changed their simple Keyword tool into a hot and complicated mess, I have since given up on their keyword tool due to this fact. Google’s keyword tool also never provided me with as much in depth information like the LTP software can. If you’re on the fence about the Long Tail Pro keyword software, fear not, the company is offering a 10 days free trail at their website. Check out the Long Tail Pro Keyword Research Software here.

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