The Best Responsive Framework WordPress Theme: StudioPress Eleven40 Theme

It used to be that very few people used their mobile devices to access the internet because phones back then didn’t have all the capabilities they do now.  However, with so many advances in technology such as Wi-Fi and the introduction of smart phones such as the Samsung Galaxy, iPhone etc. and tablets such as the iPad and the Samsung Galaxy tablet,  Its much easier for cell phone and tablet users to now browse the internet while on the go. Cell phone companies are also offering data plans to their customers, this in itself does show that there is demand for mobile internet access.

The number of people who use mobile devices to access the internet content  is only expected to grow each day.  Every website owner needs to take into account that when selecting a Responsive WordPress theme, it does need to be responsive to some extent. When I saw the Eleven40 theme, it definitely made my list of the best responsive framework WordPress Theme due to its clean, seamless, minimal yet elegant design. Its one good looking theme I tell ya!

So here’s some information about this gem :

The Eleven40 theme is not just all bells and whistles, its a solid theme built on a flexible foundation that also has a fluid grid system that adapts your website to mobile devices such as the iPad, iPhone, Samsung Galaxy tablet, Kindle Fire, desktop computer and all other viewing environments.

The theme itself was designed to show off your best content while also evoking a ‘wow’ from your audience. Readers will love it at first glance, guess what?… so will you.

Why is the Eleven40 theme the best responsive frame WordPress theme?

When in search of a mobile friendly WordPress theme, functionality and integration is key. The Eleven40 theme is beautifully designed with the main intention of capturing and keeping your reader’s attention. To keep readers on your website, the theme itself instantly detects mobile device usage and adjusts in size to that of whichever mobile device is being used to view your website. Now that’s what we call intelligent!

Features include:

  • 4 color options and styles
  • 6 layout options
  • Custom headers
  • Footer widgets
  • Featured images
  • Mobile responsive
  • Threaded comments

Interested in the eleven40 theme? Get more information HERE


responsive framework wordpress eleven40 theme


Theme Demo       Theme Download ( $79.95)

There you have it, if you are looking for the best responsive framework WordPress theme. The Eleven40 theme is a superb choice, this is a premium theme with excellent quality. Best of all, its backed by one of the most reputable and trusted WordPress themes company, StudioPress! Check out more of their themes HERE

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