Top 20 Free and Premium Minimalist WordPress Themes You Can’t Afford To Miss

I couldn’t help but jump with joy at the ability to share with you a few of the clean, no fuss WordPress themes I found. If you’re the kind of person that doesn’t want themes that are overly crowded or complicated…then you my friend, are a minimalist by nature, and as a minimalist, chances are that you will  love the clean and crisp well designed themes you are about to see. The following top 20 minimalist WordPress themes should suit you just fine.

1.Wu Wei

Theme Demo      Theme Download

wu wei wordpress theme

2. Swedish Grey

Theme Demo  Theme Download


swedish grey free wordpress theme


3. Simple Catch

Theme Demo    Themo Download


simple catch wordpress theme


4. Origin

Theme Demo    Theme Download


origin free wordpress theme

5. SmartOne

Theme Demo    Theme Download


smart one clean wordpress theme


6. Codium Extend

Theme Demo    Theme Download


codium extend clean wordpress theme


7. Clear Line

Theme Demo  Theme Download


minimalist wordpress theme


8. Florence

Theme Demo   Theme Download



florence free wordpress theme


9.  Carson Theme

Theme Demo    Theme Download


carson wordpress theme


10. Minimize

Theme Demo   Theme Download


minimize wordpress theme


11. Porfolio

Theme Demo   Theme Download


minimal wordpress porfolio theme


12. Richcorp

Theme Demo   Theme Download


richcorp minimal wordpress theme


13. Thesis

Theme Demo  Theme Download


wordpress thesis theme


14. TinyBlog

Theme Demo    Theme Download


Tinyblog premium wordpress theme


15. Pure

Theme Demo     Theme Download


pure minimalist wordpress theme


16. Press Two

Theme Demo    Theme Download


press two wordpress theme


17. Vimes

Theme Demo    Theme Download


Vimes premium wordpress theme


18. ThemeMin

Theme Demo   Theme Download



thememin premium minimal wordpress theme


19. Mindstream Themes

Theme Demo   Theme Download


mindstream wordpress theme


20. Eleven40

Theme Demo    Theme Download


Eleven 40 wordpress theme


There you have it, the top 20 free and premium minimalist WordPress themes. My hopes are that you will find a theme for your blog or website from the themes listed above or at least the above list will work to help you in your brainstorming session as you work on your web design project, business blog etc.


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