Top 5 Premium WordPress Themes For Musicians, Bands & Artists

WordPress has become a very popular option for most people looking to build new websites and blogs. If you are in the entertainment business such as in the music biz, acting or fashion niche, then an entertainment WordPress theme can lend a very professional look and provide a great avenue to feature and showcase your concert dates, songs, photos, videos, press kit etc.

entertainment wordpress theme

If you are a band, musician, actor or any other entertainer looking for an eye-catching and unique WordPress theme, then you my friend do not need to worry, we’ve got you covered. The following are some awesome WordPress themes that can be used for musicians, bands actors, artists and other creative people.


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1. Soundstage Premium WP Theme

entertainment wordpress themes

This is the ultimate WordPress theme for musicians. Its sleek, yet minimalist and very attractive home layout.


2. Acoustic Premium WordPress Music Theme

acoustic premium wordpress music theme

A great theme for solo artists, collectives, DJs, club promoters and owners, music producers and most people within the music biz/industry.



3. Rockit Premium WordPress Theme

wordpress themes for bands

This particular theme is a top notch theme designed especially for bands and musicians. Its easy to customize and modify and can be up and running very quickly.


4. Replay Premium WP Theme

replay wordpress music theme

The RePlay theme is a very responsive WordPress theme that is very easy to use and is built for musicians, Solo artists, event management houses etc.
It also allows you to share as well as sell your music.


5. Clubber – Events & Music WordPress Theme

clubber wordpress theme

This particular theme is awesome for Dj’s and any artist releasing an album or new music. It is easy and simple to use and comes fully loaded with impressive ways to share music videos, events, special dates etc.

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