What To Do When Your WordPress Visual Editor Stops Working After a WordPress Upgrade

Ever since I upgraded my WordPress version to 3.5, the visual editor on my WordPress sites stopped working disappeared and I could only view my content viat text (html) this made it impossible to edit any content, add links to any text, bold words, spell check etc. due to the fact that my toolbar also disappeared. To fix things, I tried everything including zipping up, deleting, then re-installing of my Wp-Content and Wp-Admin files. None of it worked, so with some research…and some major hair pulling ( I think I see a bald patch), I was finally able to successfully get my WordPress visual editor to fully function.

add media button not working

Here’s what I did and here’s what worked for me:

1. Simple to to http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/use-google-libraries/

2. Download the ‘Use Google Libraries’ plugin straight into your WordPress dashboard

3. Activate the plugin

4. Clear your browser cache, whether you’re using Firefox or Safari

5. Log back into your WordPress site and everything should be back to normal!

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