WordPress Blog Loading Slowly? 2 Ways To Speed Up a Slow Loading Website

Having a good looking website is definitely one of the key ingredients to succeeding online. But what is the use of having a beautifully designed site, that takes ages to load because it is so slow! This means that anyone who lands on your blog/website is more than likely to make use of  the top left hand button on their screen and will then proceed to click the ‘back’ button  and go far away from your turtle, slow loading pretty website. I urge you to please consider the speed of your website because a slow loading website can significantly reduce the traffic to your website and can negatively impact the success of your blog, online eCommerce business and any other website you set up.

increase webpage load speed

The following are a few tools you can use to check the speed of your website as well as improve the page load times:

Run your website through Yahoo’s YSlow and Google Page Speed. These are two very useful, easy-to-use and FREE online tools that will help to check how fast your webpages load. Both websites also help by giving you easy to follow tips and fixes on how you can improve your website’s load speed.

The tools you will need are as follows:

1. Yahoo YSlow:  developer.yahoo.com/yslow

2. Google Page Speed:  developers.google.com/speed/pagespeed/insights


If you can decrease your load speed, it can have a significant impact on how long people spend on yoru website and how high your SEO  ranking are.

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