WordPress Themes for iPone App Developers

If you are getting ready to launch your own iPhone app, then I would suggest that you look into some excellent WordPress app based themes made specifically for this sole purpose.

I spent a bit of time searching to find the best quality themes that would make building a website for any app a breeze. So let’s get started, have a look below for the theme compilation ( click on the theme images for more information).


1. Appify (Responsive) – $49


Appify is an app theme that is left-justified but becomes responsive after the window has been resized.


appify iphone wordpress theme


Get more information on the appifyWP theme




2. Grizzly Theme (Responsive) – $40 – Impressive!


If you are looking for a theme with a WOW factor, then the Grizzly app theme is an excellent choice. It works for iPhone, Android and iPad apps. It features options such as embedding, iTunes, QR codes, Google Play button integration, Amazon App Store and so much more. This is easily one of the best WordPress mobile app themes out there to use for the promotion and sale of your app!



grizzly iphone app wordpress theme


Get more information on the Grizzly theme


3. Launch Theme (Responsive) – $35


If you want a clean WordPress theme that is also very simple, then the Launch theme is your best bet for showcasing your app. I forgot to mention its also responsive.


launch iphone app theme


 Get more information on the Launch theme



3. iPhone App Theme from Templatic (Not Responsive)


The iPhone App theme from Templatic has got to be the most straightforward theme you can use to showcase and promote your iPhone app. Did I mention it is visually very easy on the eyes!



iphone app wordpress themes


 Get more information on the iPhone App theme



5. AppView Theme (Non-responsive) – $40


The AppView theme is pretty yet simple and straightforward. If you want to use it to showcase your app, this theme comes with tons of features including pricing table support and numerous shortcodes you can use to customize the theme to suit your needs.


appview wordpress iphone theme


Get more information on the Appview theme



6. Intuition Theme (Responsive) – $45

A touch and swipe enabled responsive theme.The intuition theme is very easy to setup and use. If you are looking for a theme with a slider, the Intuition theme is well suited.


intuition wordpress theme


 Get more information on the Intuition theme



7. My App Theme (Semi-responsive) – $45


MyApp theme is a semi-responsive iPhone app theme.What do I mean by semi-responsive? Well this theme adapts to the iPhone resolution however, it does not do so fluidly in other scenarios and on other devices with different resolutions. Test out a demo before you decide to purchase



my app wordpress theme

 Get more information on the MyApp theme


I hope that the above mentioned app themes are useful in helping you make the decision of how your iPhone app website is going to present itself. In all honesty any WordPress theme can be transform into a theme that showcases your app, however having one that is already customized and suited for selling and showcasing your iPhone or android app saves you some major time and effort since you won’t have to build your own app website from the ground up.


Here’s what you might have missed in the past:


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